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Мексиканская вилла в средиземноморском стиле

Mexico. Bahia Serena by Rachel Horn Interiors

Современный мексиканский дом в Bahia, на побережье южной Калифорнии, который вобрал лучшие черты классической испанской гасиенды, а также средиземноморского и калифорнийского стилей. Разработка проекта, индивидуальной мебели и декорирование американской студии из Техаса Rachel Horn Interiors, которая много проектирует и строит в Мексике.

Located in Bahia, Mexico, this contemporary mediterranean house
 was recently completed by Rachel Horn Interiors.

Description by Rachel Horn Interiors

Rachel worked with award-winning architect, Brion S. Jeannette, on every detail of the interior, exterior and garden of this stunning 17,000 foot home on the coast of Southern California. The Contemporary Mediterranean design is equally influenced by California Mission and Spanish Hacienda styles. We participated in the design from inception and chose all of the hard finishes for the home. Rachel designed much of the furnishings and decor, most of which was custom made for the project.
Photography by Roger Davies

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